Saving the environment with a new project series

By Emma Posey. Posted

Save the Shark is a fun new project that engages learners in game building and teaches them to be environmentally conscious

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is creating new Scratch projects to collect, interpret, and communicate all kinds of data on the environment

The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s new series of digital making projects focuses on the environment. Through the projects, learners are introduced to five environment-orientated goals from the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are: Affordable and Clean Energy; Responsible Consumption and Production; Climate Action; Life Below Water; and Life on Land.

The series includes these environment-themed projects:

  • A digital story focusing on the UN’s SDGs

  • An app simulating an automated survey of birds and collecting data in real-time through camera detection

  • An interactive data visualisation to demonstrate the benefits of planting trees

  • An animated data visualisation that compares the waste production of countries, using real data

  • An animated data visualisation to track the movement of individual turtles

These projects will all be available from October this year at

We’re really excited to develop a theme that is cross-curricular at its heart. In addition to getting ahead with computing, learners will discover how computing can be harnessed to collect data on the environment, explore the causes of environmental degradation, and analyse the ways in which humans influence — and can mitigate — the effects on the environment. Technology, science, maths, geography, and design all play their part in the projects.

By its very nature, the environment is an international concern. Our team here in the UK is working closely with colleagues in India and the USA to ensure that new projects include environmental and cultural references that are relevant to learners internationally. We’ve also made sure learners are drawing on a range of data from across the world.

Save the Shark project available now

Save the Shark is a digital game in the project series that explores sharks’ favourite food source (fish, not humans) as well as the impact that plastic has in the water, causing great harm to the sharks’ natural ocean habitat. The game engages with two of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Life Below Water and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Through the Save the Shark project learners are introduced to Scratch and start working with key computing concepts such as selection, variables, and random numbers, to create a fantastic and informative game.

Despite its serious theme, Save the Shark is a fun project that piques learners’ interest in gaming. Using the step-by-step resources, learners are supported in creating a dynamic, interactive game that they can share with peers, friends, family, and the wider Scratch community. Every Scratch project has a unique web address that can be accessed on mobile devices. Sharing an online product which learners have created themselves really inspires them to find out more about coding.

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