Can teaching coding skills help tackle inequality?

By James Robinson. Posted

We’ve been thinking about the challenges that many people, young and old, encounter and ask “Can teaching coding skills help tackle inequality?" We look at what knowledge, skills, and behaviours learning to program promotes and how we can support individuals who have missed out on that experience. We focus particularly on how refugees and asylum seekers might be supported to make up for missed education and develop valuable programming skills that may help them better prepare for entering the workforce whilst having fun and developing other useful skills.


Joining us today are two volunteers who have given their time in different ways to help tackle inequality:

  • Nina Szymor has an extensive background in translation and supports organisations in reaching global audiences. As an active member of Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign, she organised and ran a Code Club for refugee children in Cambridge.

  • Barath Vignarajah has been a software developer for 18 years, in both the finance and media industries. He mostly works on server-side development projects, skills which he’s applied over the last year as a volunteer with CodeYourFuture.

James Robinson.
James Robinson is a computing educator, trainer, and host of the Hello World podcast.
Gemma Coleman
Gemma Coleman is the editor of Hello World magazine.
Nina Szymor
Nina Szymor has an extensive background in translation and supports organisations in reaching global audiences.
Barath Vignarajah
Barath Vignarajah is a software developer and volunteer with CodeYourFuture.

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