How can digital leaders raise the profile of computing in schools?

By James Robinson. Posted

In this episode we explore the role learners can play as digital leaders, supporting the development of computing in school settings whilst themselves learning valuable skills. Sway and James talk to educators who have introduced digital leader programmes in their schools. These programmes increase the visibility of computing across the school and empower learners who have a particular interest in the subject to support computing in their other lessons.


Joining us are two educators at different stages of implementing a digital leader programme in their schools:

  • Lorraine Hall works at St Matthew’s Academy (Scotland) as the principal teacher for learning and teaching, as well as chemistry & science teacher. She's led the school’s digital strategy for 2.5 years, and a digital leaders programme since 2020.

  • Tracy Mutter works at Falkirk High School (Scotland), where she is the principal teacher digital learning, as well as computing science teacher. She's led the school’s e-learning group since 2015, and a digital leaders programme since 2017.

James Robinson.
James Robinson is a computing educator, trainer, and host of the Hello World podcast.
Sway Grantham.
Sway Grantham is a primary computing specialist developing educational content for school-age children.
Lorraine Hall
Lorraine Hall works at St Matthew’s Academy in Ayreshire, Scotland where she leads the school’s Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy.
Tracy Mutter
Tracy Mutter is the Digital Learning & Computing Science Teacher at Falkirk High School, Scotland.

Our conversation highlights the benefits that digital leader programmes can offer both to the teacher and learners involved, and also to the wider school community. We hope listeners are encougaged to establish their own programmes and would love to hear more about how you are working with digital leaders in your school. Why not share your experience by writing for a upcoming issue of Hello World magazine?

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We’ll be back in two weeks' time with our next episode. In the meantime, you can get in touch with your questions or comments about this episode at or @HelloWorld_Edu on Twitter.


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