What does computing education look like around the world?

By James Robinson. Posted

This week we're taking a mini tour to look at the state of computing education in different parts of the world. James, Divya, and guests discuss the similarities, differences, challenges, and opportunities of delivering computing education in England, Kenya, India, and Iraq.


Joining us today to share their perspectives are two educators promoting and pioneering computing in their parts of the world:

  • Kevin Muriuki is the Team4Tech's Edtech Project Manager for Kenya. He is a digital literacy advocate and shares as much as possible about his experience and passion for tech with anyone who will listen.
  • Dr. Nadia Al Aboody is the Head of the Computer Systems department at the Southern Technical University, Iraq. She is also a Raspberry Pi Foundation national partner, volunteering to bring more Code Clubs and CoderDojos to Iraq.
James Robinson.
James Robinson is a computing educator, a trainer, and the host of the Hello World podcast.
Divya Joseph
Divya Joseph is an ex-software engineer and educator who manages formal education for India at the Raspberry Pi Foundation
Kevin Muriuki
Kevin Muriuki is the Edtech Project Manager for Kenya at Team4Tech.
Nadia Al Aboody
Dr. Nadia Al Aboody is the head of Computer Systems department at the Southern Technical University, Iraq.

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