The Big Book of Computing Content

Hello World’s second special edition is here! Whilst our first special edition focused on how we can teach computing, The Big Book of Computing Content focuses on what we can teach. From data and information, to the effective use of tools, to artificial intelligence, The Big Book of Computing Content explores what we mean by computing and aims to provide a common language to describe the different areas of study and competencies, giving you an indispensable companion to understanding the breadth of knowledge contained within this constantly evolving subject. This book complements our first special edition and, as such, it follows the same principle of introducing you to up-to-date research followed by our favourite stories from past Hello World issues, in which educators like you have put that content into practice.

In this issue, you’ll find articles about:

-Moving from block-based to text-based programming

-Engaging children with ethics in artificial intelligence

-Embedding digital skills across the curriculum

And much, much more!

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