Are these the droids you’re looking for? Robotics in computing education

By James Robinson. Posted

This week, we’re diving into the world of robotics in education, and asking are these the droids you’re looking for... to teach algorithms?! Combining technology and real-world challenges with teaching computer science concepts can be a really rewarding experience for both educators and learners, but are setup costs and teacher confidence too high a barrier to overcome?


We asked two educators who work with different age groups and environments to tell us about their experiences:

  • Nicki Cooper, an award-winning former subject leader and Advanced Skills Teacher in computing, recently ran a 'robot week' for her own children as part of home learning
  • Huzaifah Zainon, a computing teacher who shares her school’s motivation for joining a global challenge for learners aged 12–18
Carrie Anne Philbin
Carrie Anne Philbin MBE is a computing educator, YouTuber, author, and host of Hello World podcast.
James Robinson
James Robinson is a computing educator, trainer, and host of Hello World podcast.
Nicki Cooper
Nicki Cooper is an award-winning former subject leader and Advanced Skills Teacher in computing.
Huzaifah Zainon
Huzaifah Zainon is a software engineer who is now enjoying a second career educating the next generation of innovators at Soham Village College in the UK.

Together we discover the important role that competitions play in motivating and inspiring learners by equipping them with both technical and soft skills. We also explore the benefit they have for teachers, providing a space to build confidence in their subject knowledge, and to try out some different ideas and activities. We ask whether robotics has universal appeal, and discuss how we can make robotics accessible to younger learners.

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