Coolest Projects 2020 goes online!

By Katie Gouskos. Posted

A previous Coolest Project event

Coolest Projects, the world-leading free showcase for young tech creators, invites submissions from across the globe for its first-ever digital event

Coolest Projects has traditionally taken place as a free, face-to-face event with thousands of young people all over the world showcasing projects they have created. After making the tough decision to cancel events in Dublin and Manchester earlier this year, the Coolest Projects team began working hard to build a solution that would allow them to host the technology showcase online in 2020. They wanted to create an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of young creators and bring a global community together to inspire each other and excite the next generation of digital makers.

Entering a project

For young people who enjoy making things with technology, Coolest Projects is an amazing opportunity to get creative, have fun, learn from others, and be part of something truly special.

Coolest Projects is free, it’s open to anyone up to the age of 18, and everyone is welcome to take part: projects can be submitted from anywhere in the world. All project types at all levels of skill are encouraged, from beginner to advanced, and it doesn’t matter whether the project is a work in progress, a prototype, or a finished product. Projects really don’t have to be complete to be submitted: the Coolest Projects team would like to see it all!

By registering a project to take part in Coolest Projects, young makers get the opportunity to share their work with a community of fellow creators and the whole world. All submitted projects will be showcased on the new Coolest Projects online gallery, to celebrate the effort, enthusiasm, and creativity of young people who have turned an idea into reality with tech.

Help spread the word

At Coolest Projects, young people are empowered to showcase their ideas, designs, and dreams for the future, which feels so important right now. For educators, this is a great opportunity to encourage students to get involved with STEM and work towards a goal they’ve imagined themselves. This global digital showcase will also be a great tool for inspiring young people who aren’t ready to submit their own projects yet, as they’ll be able to explore all the wide variety of wonderful creations from young people just like them. Past participants in Coolest Projects have gone on to win engineering competitions and international awards, and have been featured in national media. And the young creators who’ve participated in Coolest Projects always talk to us about how much joy they feel taking part. Previous participants Sofia and Mihai, creators of Friendship Saves Endangered Species at Coolest Projects International 2019, tell future young makers: “Follow your dream, put your ideas into practice, because Coolest Projects is a great opportunity!”

If you know a young tech creator, do encourage them to submit a project, whether it’s an animation, website, game, app, robot, or anything else they’ve built with technology. Projects can be submitted in the following categories: Hardware; Scratch; Mobile Apps; Websites; Games; Advanced Programming. Coolest Projects is completely free to take part in, and anyone anywhere in the world will be able to view the submitted projects on the Coolest Projects online gallery.

Register your project before 28 June 2020 to be part of this year’s Coolest Projects showcase:



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