What role does philosophy have in computing education?

By James Robinson. Posted

This week we're looking beyond the technicality of computing and the specific applications of technology or problems we can solve. Instead, we're exploring a bit deeper and examining the relationship between philosophy and computing, and in particular how these two disciplines might complement each other in the classroom.


Joining us today are two digital makers and research scientists with a passion for computing, ecology, and education:

  • Emma Goto is a teacher educator working at the University of Winchester. She has worked at the university for ten years following 12 years working as a primary teacher and Advanced Skills Teacher for ICT. Emma teaches modules in the initial teacher education programmes that focus on computing, Early Years, Philosophy for Children (P4C), and PSHE.
  • Amy Luu is headteacher of a primary school in Cambridgeshire with a passion for inclusion alongside Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development (SMSC). In her available time, Amy also works as a schools inspector for Ofsted.

James Robinson.
James Robinson is a computing educator, trainer, and host of the Hello World podcast.

Ben Hall
Ben Hall is a learning manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation developing curriculum content.

Emma Goto
Emma Goto is a former primary school advanced skills teacher and currently trains teachers at the University of Winchester.

Amy Luu
Amy Luu is headteacher of a primary school in Cambridgeshire with a passion for inclusion alongside SMSC development.

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